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Facts about a Broken Toe

Broken toe is not an injury to be takenlightly, even though it often is and it can be misinterpreted for asprained toe or for a mere bruise. However, if left untreated, abroken toe can cause many health problems and deliver significantpain which will prevent a person from walking properly.

As far as the phenomenon itself isconcerned, broken toe is known by its wide range of strange events,capable of triggering it. For example, people, when they break theirtoe, are usually walking, hitting it on a stone, stepping on it orplacing something heavy on it, tripping over something etc.

Regardless, this problem needs to betreated as soon as possible since a broken toe may evolve intosomething more serious. Therefore, it is best to have your painfultoe examined even when you do not think that it is broken.

The Healing Period

Depending on the severity of theinjury, the healing period of a broken toe may vary. However, youhave to provide your toe with adequate treatment in order toguarantee quick and successful healing.

Before anything else, you are highlyadvised to pay your doctor a visit. There, you will likely undergo atoe X-ray scan, where any breakage will be clearly visible. Beforeyou visit the doctor, however, if you happen to have to wait untilthat moment comes, you are advised to do the following.

Know that in cases of bone breakage,only the part around the broken bone will swell. On the other hand,if you have sprained your toe, the whole area around it will swell aswell. As soon as the swelling occurs, apply ice on it, wrapping theice in some kind of a cotton cloth. Also, rest the injured leg onto astool or any other elevated place.

Once you do manage to pay your doctor avisit, you will get a splint or a cast for your toe. For morecomplicated issues, however, you might need to undergo a surgery. Thevery healing period, talking about average time, may spread for about8 weeks during which you are highly advised to avoid walkingexcessively, using your toe in any way or straining yourself.

Only after the toe has healedcompletely should you indulge into running, wearing tight shoes ordoing something similar.

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