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Information on Burns

The first thing a person needs to do after getting burned is to determine the level of severity of the actual burn. Blistering usually occurs a few minutes after the burning and it is a good indication that a person suffered a minor burn that can be classified as a second-degree burn. Minor burns usually can be treated at home but if the person starts having troubles with breathing or experiences white or black charring on the body, she or he needs to seek immediate medical attention.

Instructions and Treatment

In order to treat a second-degree burn properly a person needs cold water, ibuprofen, paper towels, medical tape, cold compress and sterile gauze bandages. The burn blisters need to be cooled off first by exposing the afflicted area to a stream of cool water for a few minutes. The process of cooling must not be stopped until a person experiences a decrease in pain intensity.

Next thing to do is to put a cold compress on the blisters caused by the burn. If the burns still hurts and there is no cool water available a paper towel can be placed over the affected area and then a cold compress can be placed on top of the towel. The burn must not be exposed directly to ice because it can cause further damage to the skin because it is very sensitive when it gets burned.

The affected area then needs to be wrapped in a sterile gauze bandage. This is important because the bandage prevents the affected area from getting infected and it also keeps the dirt from getting to the affected area.

Medical tape needs to be used to hold sterile gauze bandages firmly in place. Burn blisters can be really painful and the patient may take ibuprofen in order to relieve the pain until the pain gets subsided. If the pain is still present after two weeks a person needs to seek immediate medical attention in order to receive additional treatment which may consist of prescription medications, creams and salves that are commonly used for the soothing of the burn. Second-degree burns can also be characterized by swelling.

The process of cooling off the affected area is also good for relieving the swelling and carrying the heat away from the skin. When the skin gets cooled off it may be a good idea to use a lotion containing aloe vera because it is very efficient in moisturizing the skin and increasing the patient’s comfort. Blisters should never be broken.

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