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Information on Knee Pain

Human knee is a joint which can get rather vulnerable in certain situations. It takes a lot of stress and carries the full weight of the human body. There are numerous different causes of knee pain.

Knee consists of patellofemoral joint and the tibiofemoral joint. Patella and patellar tendon are position over the knee in the so called sesamoid joint. The patella is supported by the medial retinaculum.

Stability of the tibiofemoral joint is provided by anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament, lateral collateral ligament and the menisci. Numerous acute knee injuries like meniscal injuries, collateral ligament injuries, cruciate ligament injuries, fractures, disclocations, patellar tendon ruptures, and certain others can be the cause of knee pain.

Knee pain can be divided into different categories as well and those are global, anterior, medial, lateral and posterior knee pain.

Causes of Knee Pain

Global pain can be caused by the primary arthritis in the knee. Primary arthritis in the knee can be associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and certain crystal arthropaties. Seronegative arthropaties may or may not include ankylosing spondylitis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, Reiter’s syndrome, Behcet’s syndrome, psoriatic arthritis and enteropathic arthritis. There are also certain types of infective causes that may be the factors that trigger knee pain.

Those usually include septic arthritis and osteomyelitis. There are also certain rare medical conditions and diseases which may be causing knee pain. Those may or may not include familial Mediterranean fever, spontaneous haemarthrosis, rheumatic fever and hemochromatosis. Osteosarcoma is a disease that affects the bone that surrounds the knee and it can also be one of the triggering factors of knee pain.

Anterior knee pain is commonly triggered by certain types of medical conditions such as patellofemoral syndrome, patellofemoral instability, patellar tendinopathy and fat pad impingement. Other causes of anterior knee pain may include pain referred from the hip, patella stress fracture, slipped upper femoral epiphysis, tumours, bursitis and certain other types of diseases. The common causes of lateral knee pain may include lateral meniscus problem and illotibial band friction syndrome.

Other causes of lateral knee pain may include nerve injuries, osteoarthritis, slipped epiphysis and certain other types of diseases and ailments. Medial knee pain is commonly caused by medial meniscus problem or patellofemoral syndrome but it can also be triggered by tomors, slipped epiphysis, ligament injuries and various other types of ailments.

Posterior knee pain can be caused by knee joint effusion, baker’s cyst, thrombosis, ligament injuries and some other medical conditions. Diagnosis and treatment usually include arthroscopy.

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