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One of the most common threats to a totally soft skin is the apparition of the calluses. They are very widespread because they are easily produced. Calluses are not among those serious skin conditions, but their most pointed out characteristics are the persistence and unattractiveness.

They are the rough parts of the skin and have a yellowish color. Actually, the calluses are the layers of the skin that are created to protect the areas in which the excessive pressure (of the bone to the skin) is happening continually. Because of that, they are most likely to appear on the surface of the foot skin, but only on the area that is used to step on.

So, when the feet bones press the skin, the calluses are formed as a protection. The cause is usually inappropriate footwear, but the thickenings can be formed because of the increased looseness of the foot more frequently.

They are also usually formed on the hands, and that happens almost as often as on feet. Along the mentioned causes, the inheritance factor could play the decisive role in developing some kind of increased intolerance to bone pressure onto certain skin areas. There was a case of a football player that claimed that in the history of all the family the abnormal apparition of the calluses had been present. As he says, this condition was often followed by a dry feet syndrome and cracks. And all his life he suffered from this problem and he was forced to quit playing football. He also emphasized that the calluses had used to appear after any pressure of the foot bone, that they had been larger than usual and very painful. Unfortunately, there is not very successful treatment for this condition.

It is often cut away by a scalpel, and that can be done at home. But, the problem is that the calluses tend to reappear, especially when someone is prone to develop them regularly. As already mentioned in the beginning of the text, the persistence is their main characteristic.

But, the doctors agree that it is the natural response of the body, especially to such an aggressive intervention (of cutting them of). That is, the response of the organism to any kind of wound is building up an amount of tissue on the affected area. Our body begins the process of healing itself that way.

In the conclusion, it is good to point out that these thickened skin spots are not harmful, but, actually, very helpful. Especially, having in mind the previous explanation. Simply, they lower the risk of the possible infections.

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