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As the pregnancy advances, it becomes more strenuous for awoman to carry all that weight with her all the time. Some of the main problemsof later stages of pregnancy are related to painful feet. Pregnancy can affect feet andthereby cause them pain in many different ways.

Flat feet during pregnancy

One of the regular side effects of pregnancy are flat feet.The reason for the appearance of flat feet lies in frequent hormone changesduring pregnancy. Some of the many raging hormones have the role of looseningup the tension in the ligaments and preparing the body for birth. While doingthis, they may also affect those ligaments in the feet, causing them to relaxso much that they lead to the flattening of the foot arch.

However, there are ways to prevent this from happening, by making sure to provide the feet with all the rest they require inthose stages. That means avoiding walking and standing for long periods oftime, especially with no shoes on. When mentioning shoes, the kind that thewoman wears is also a very important issue, as they need to be as comfortableas possible and support the foot well.

Swelling of the feet during pregnancy

Swelling is a result of an enhanced amount of fluids in thebody tissues, and this condition is so likely to affect the feet duringpregnancy, that is almost unavoidable. The reason this happens is that the bodyproduces extra oxygen as well as nutritious elements for the growing humanbeing inside the womb, and all this boosts the volume of the blood, therebyleading to swelling. Another potential cause of swelling in the feet duringpregnancy is of hormonal nature, because the hormones can be so out of controlin pregnancy that they can even affect the blood vessels.

Making sure to keep moving while on the feet, as opposed tostanding still, is always a good idea, as well as leaving enough time to restevery day and hydrating the body with large quantities of water.

Leg cramps during pregnancy

Although leg cramps are quite characteristic for pregnantwomen, the causes of this are a bit vague. It is believed that they areassociated to variable calcium concentration, the exhaustion in the muscles andany other kind of pressure which is a result of all the additional weight. Legcramps occur in the form of spasms in the calves and they are most likely toarise at night.

Doing anything to relieve these muscles will help relievethis kind of pain, from massages, to light stretching exercises, to warm baths.

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