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This text will discuss about thepain felt in the foot area, especially during the morning. People should beaware that problems like this should not be disregarded, because they can leadto many other problems, so it is important to treat them, no matter howinsignificant it seems to you.

Morning foot pain

Plantar fasciitis can be thecause of morning foot pain. The problem will grow since this is a progressivecondition. It is best you start the treatment right away. This condition causesgreat pain, especially when you get out of the bed. We have mentioned the onepossible cause, but there are many other which are possible, so it isrecommended to visit a doctor. The doctor will diagnose the problem and giveyou a proper treatment.

The pain in the feet can be caused by the standing fora long period of time, excessive working on the feet and similar. These causesare usually connected with the pain felt in the heel of the foot, because thispart bears the greatest stress during the day. Whenever we make a step, heel ofthe foot bears stress. Other causes for the pain are old age, sprained ankle,improper shoes, rigorous jogging exercises, and hereditary foot problems, butexcessive golf playing, bad posture, weight gain, bone spur, broken orfractured bones can cause it as well.


When the pain if felt in themorning, there are some things that can be done to ease the pain. We will giveyou some remedies you can use at the hospital and also at your home. They havedifferent effect and we cannot guarantee how exactly each of them will affectyour problem, since the foot pain can be very diverse. Sometimes these remedieswill help only temporary. Remedies you can use include ice pack (put them threetimes a day for 20 minutes), getting some proper shoes, avoiding standing onone foot for a longer period of time, the use of painkillers and the reductionof physical activity. However, you may also use crutches, elevate your leg whensitting down and try heel spur exercises, which should reduce the pain. If theproblem is persistent, visit a doctor and he or she will perform x-ray andother tests in order to diagnose the problem. Sometimes even surgery can beperformed to eliminate the problem. At the end, we have to repeat once againnot to disregard the symptoms and the problem. Always go to the doctor.

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