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Aching Feet

The feet are rather the important body parts since they carry the weight of the entire body and are always exposed to great stress especially during certain activities such as walking, running etc. Everyone has experienced aching feet after standing for a long time or after running. The ache is a sign that our feet need to rest for a while. Still, not all cases of aching feet are caused by overstrenous activities. The pain may sometimes point to the presence of certain medical conditions.

Causes of Aching Feet

The pain may originate from certain structural abnormalities. Namely, people suffering from flat feet are more prone to pain especially after long standing or even more strenuous activities such as walking and running. Flat feet are a cause of greater fatigue at the end of the day. People who are suffering from this condition may also require proper feet rest during day.

The process of aging leads to thinning of the natural thick pad which is a part of the sole. Apart from that feet tend to widen and flatten in time. Even the skin changes and becomes drier. All the previously mentioned may cause aching feet.

Women typically complain more about aching feet. This can be easily explained by the fact that women shoes are more uncomfortable comparing to men shoes. Furthermore, women also wear high heeled shoes which are usually the cause of the pain. And finally, pregnant women frequently complain about aching feet especially in the third trimester of the pregnancy.

Aching feet can be only a sign of some underlying medical conditions. For example, people suffering from severe form of diabetes may develop diabetic foot which is a rather painful condition. Sharp foot pain is also typical for muscle or tendon pulls. Several more medical conditions feature with aching feet and they include arthritis, plantar fasciitis, hammer toe and so on.

Treatment and Remedies for Aching Feet

If the pain originates from a certain medical condition patients need to consult their doctors and they will be prescribed certain medications or undergo other treatment modalities.

One may perform certain maneuvers to alleviate aching feet. Regular foot baths are excellent for proper hygiene and they also enhance the circulation in the feet. A hot water with two tablespoons of salt is great option for feet soaking and alleviation of pain. A tub of peppermint or chamomile tea is another option for feet soaking. After this the feet are supposed to be treated with moisturizing creams. Frequent swelling or inflammation can be reduced by rubbing of the ice cubes which are previously wrapped into a wet cloth. Blood circulation can be also increased by massage. And finally, the pain can be avoided with proper fitting shoes.

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