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The healthy look of your nipples is important not only for good esthetics, but for their proper function as well. You know that, breasts have milk glands and nipples are connected to those glands. What few people know is that nipples are very complicated in their structure and that is why they need a proper care. The normal look of nipples is the look that you were born with. There are nipples of different shapes and look, and every person has different nipples. They can change their shape as you get older, and they also can be surgically changed if necessary. Certain medicines, hormones, health problems or some other stimulus can change the look of nipples. It is essential for your health to exam your breasts and nipples monthly.

Breast Milk and Nipple Discharge

When you are expecting a baby, your breasts enlarge and after the delivery they will start to produce milk. Your baby will be able to suck milk from your breasts 2 hours after the delivery. However, there are other liquids than milk that can come out of your breasts, but most of them are not dangerous and that problem can easily be solved with the help of a doctor. Still, some of these breast discharges can indicate a breast cancer, so it is necessary to visit a doctor.


As we live in the world where certain things like piercing, for example, are considered modern, we have to say something more about nipple piercing. When you decide to pierce your nipple, you have to be aware that there is a danger of a possible infection and this rule stands for piercing any part of your body. However, nipple piercing doesn’t increase the chances for the development of breast cancer.

Nipple pain

Some women feel pain wile nursing a baby, but that pain can be relieved. Also, some women who are not breastfeeding may experience pain underneath the nipples, but if this happens, then visit to a doctor is highly advised. Nipples can itch but if everything is normal, the itching will stop over time. Sometimes, when the itching lasts longer and other changes on the nipple are noticed, it can be the sign of a certain type of cancer.You should know that, when reconstructing your breasts, you will need new nipples. New nipples are created surgically, but there is also a nipple prosthesis, which can be easily placed or removed.

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