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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a disease when the cells in the breast start to grow abnormally. The symptoms of breast cancer include changes in the shape of the breast, a lump in the breast, changes in the nipples such as shape the nipple, blood on the nipples or changes on the skin on the nipples, and changes of the skin color of the breast. It is important for any woman to have her breasts examined on a regular basis because if the cancer is diagnoses early, the chances of full recovery are much greater.


The majority of experts agree that the leading cause of breast cancer is mutation of the gene which is passed on through generations. However, women who did not have any case of breast cancer in the family may still be diagnosed with this disease. Modern medicine cannot provide the precise answer to the question regarding the exact cause of breast cancer, that is, why the do the cells in the breast start to grow abnormally. On the other hand, there are a number of risk factors which can increase the chances of getting breast cancer.

Risk Factors

Male breast cancer is extremely rare disease, so if you are a woman, you are at risk of breast cancer. Also, the risk increases as you are getting older. Elderly women are at the greatest risk of cancer. The risk is increased if you have had a treatment which involved exposure to radiation or if you have been exposed to some dangerous chemicals such as asbestos. If you had your first menstrual bleeding before you were 12 years old, you may be at risk of breast cancer. If you had your first pregnancy after the age of 35, the risk of breast cancer may be increased. Women who entered menopause at the age of 55 or higher and especially if they are receiving hormone therapy can be at risk as well. In addition, women who are overweight and those who drink alcohol excessively are at greater risk of breast cancer. Birth control pills may also enhance the risk of cancer. All these factors just increase the risk, it does not mean that a woman will get the cancer if she has some of the risk factors.


It is recommended for women to exercise regularly because it can decrease the risk of breast cancer. You should also avoid alcohol and food which will cause weight gain. Eat healthy and have your breasts examined. Some women who had a history of breast cancer in the family decide on surgical removal of the breasts as a preventive measure.

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