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Women who experience pain in their abdominal area and suspect that this is originating from the fallopian tubes should seek medical care to find out the source of their pain. If you have been feeling a pain around your fallopian tubes, either on one side or on both sides, this can have a multitude of different causes. In this post, we will discuss the possible reasons for pain around the fallopian tubes.

Ovulation pain is a type of stinging discomfort that some women experience when an egg is released. This does not have to be a medical problem at all, especially if the sensations you are noticing are more discomfort than pain. Ovulation pain is characterized by a feeling of slight pain or pressure on one side from the fallopian tube that is releasing an egg that particular month. If you are feeling real pain, you should get that checked. Endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, blocked fallopian tubes, and fallopian tube cancer can all be sources of abdominal pain around the fallopian tubes.

Before you receive a medical check-up, it is next to impossible to apply a self-diagnosis and even if you do, you will still need treatment. Some of these conditions obviously have the capacity to become life-threatening, while others can render you infertile if left untreated. Therefore, taking pain in the fallopian tubes seriously is recommended. A tubal pregnancy is another possible cause of fallopian tube pain. During a tubal pregnancy, an embryo nestles itself into the lining of the fallopian tubes and starts to develop there.

Sometimes, a spontaneous miscarriage results. At other times, the embryo keeps on growing. Rupture of the fallopian tube, and subsequent internal hemorrhage, can follow quickly. This is an immediate medical emergency so if you suspect or know you are pregnant, and then have this kind of pain (especially combined with vaginal spotting or bleeding), call the emergency services.

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