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Ovulation pain is a sensation that points in the right direction when they are fertile, and experiencing sensations of pressure or discomfort while you are ovulating is not a cause for concern by itself. Around 20 percent, or one in five of all women regularly have ovulation pain. But what should you do if you are still feeling ovulation pain after ovulation?

Ovulation pain can be caused by a sudden dip in the hormone estrogen while you are fertile. According to one theory, a minor release of blood from the ovary together with the egg can also be responsible for this sensation. Others say that the pain is due to the fact that the fallopian tube contracts while your egg makes its journey downward. Ovulation pain can manifest as a sudden sharp pain (but it should not be very intense, just noticeable) or as mild cramping. Women who regularly experience this type of pain know that it tends to last for a short space of time, and is usually totally gone within a few hours. If you are still feeling ovulation pain after you are sure ovulation has truly been and gone (because you are charting to conceive or using ovulation tests, for example), should you be worried?

Unfortunately, the answer could be that there is something else going on beside ovulation. Abdominal pain can have many causes beside ovulation alone, and persistent abdominal pain that continues after ovulation might be attributed to one of them. Examples are polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, an ovarian cyst or pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Ectopic pregnancies can also cause a sharp abdominal pain around the area of the fallopian tubes. Keep in mind that it is hugely difficult to correctly identify which part of your reproductive system is causing pain while it s easy to conclude something is ovulation pain when you know you are ovulating at the time, you can t actually feel if it is your ovary, fallopian tube or something else causing the pain. The best approach in this case is seeking medical help.

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