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Oil of Oregano as Natural Medicine

Oil of Oreganois a versatile, effective natural medication. It comes in both Liquid andCapsule form, and while they are both effective, their effect depends on thetype of use they are used for.

Liquid oreganohas been used in the past to treat various conditions like joint pain, insectbites, sore muscles and skin rashes by applying a drop or two on the affectedarea and massaging it. In this case it is beneficial to refrain from wearingclothes on that area for a couple of minutes, so that the oil can be absorbedinto the skin more easily. Oil of Oregano is quite fragrant, and excessiveusage can lead to the smell spreading across large spaces.

Oil of Oregano by mouth or in Capsule form

Whenconsuming oil of oregano by mouth, it is suggested that no more than 4 to 6drops be taken by mouth, in one go. This is 100% pure Oil of Oregano, dilutedby a carrier oil like olive oil, blended 1 part oregano to 3 parts olive oil.In case the ratio is not listed on the label, checking online is the suremethod to avoid side-effects such as an upset stomach.

Oil ofOregano can be used for treating infection-type conditions, such as colds andthe flu. The oil should be taken 3 - 6 times per day, with regards to theseverity of the infection, but a slight increase (up to 10) is allowed in caseof a serious infection. 1 to 4 drops can be taken daily for prevention and should be held under the tongue for a couple of minutes, followed bydrinking a glass of water.

When usingOil of Oregano on children, the dosage and application is based on their age.If the child is 5 to 10 years old, it is recommended to use 1 drop, 1 to 3times per day. Children that are aged 10 or more can consume 3 drops per day.It is never recommended to go over 7 to 10 days of use, when concerningchildren. The oil can be mixed with juice or milk to make administration much easier.

In case thechild is 6 months to 5 years old, the oil must be diluted, 1 part oil oforegano and 4 parts olive oil, and then applied to the soles of the feet andthe spine. If the child is over 5, no dilution is necessary. Adding a couple ofdrops to a warm bath is also recommended.

Liquid Oilof Oregano can leave a tingling sensation similar to that of spicy food,when consumed by mouth, and is therefore not recommended for people who aresensitive to spicy foods. Milk or bread can be administered to increase salivaproduction and alleviate the spiciness.

Ifconsuming Oil of Oregano in capsule form, the maximum dosage recommended is600mg per day. There is no standardized effective dosage, so when takinglarger amounts care is advised.

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