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Oregano oil is highly potential antibacterial substance. Apart from this feature oregano oil is applied in numerous health conditions starting from mild infections to even food poisoning. This oil is rather safe to use and it can be applied both internally and externally.

One of the most significant components of this oil is carvacrol. This is a highly effective antiseptic. There are three additional groups of constituents in this oil that are successful in elimination of all the infective agents as well as the enhancement of the immune system. The healing properties of oregano oil are amazing.

Health Benefits of Oregano OilImmune SystemOregano oil can enhance the immune system like no other plant in the world. It is even more powerful than Echinacea and goldenseal. One should take only a few drops of this oil each day and be sure that his/her immune system will function properly.Infective AgentsOregano oil can perfectly fight bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. It can be used in infections of teeth and gums caused by bacteria. Oregano oil may even help in prevention of food poisoning as it fights bacteria rather effectively. Additionally oregano oil can be highly effective in conditions such as cold or common flu. Even herpes infections and warts can be treated with this oil. Both external and internal parasites can be successfully eliminated with oregano oil. It can be either added to shampoos and soaps for external usage or it can be taken internally. Only a few drops of oregano oil can be a perfect prevention from water-born parasites. Oregano oil can be an excellent choice in treatment of acute and chronic conditions cause by Candida species or other fungi.Healing PropertiesThe battle against inflammation and reduction of pain is essential in different injuries. The process of healing can be drastically accelerated by oregano oil. Anti-allergyThe symptoms of allergies can be successfully reduced or in some cases eliminated if oregano oil is used internally or if its vapors are inhaled.Antioxidant PropertiesOregano oil contains antioxidants that are responsible for battle against the damage caused by free radicals.Anti-venom PropertiesCertain snake poisons can be adequately neutralized with oregano oil. Even the symptoms of bee and spider stings can be relieved. The most positive side is that the inflammation is reduced and the pain due to bite or sting becomes less intensive.Blood Oxygen LevelsOregano oil has potential to increase the blood supply with oxygen. This results in increase of energy and reduction of fatigue.

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