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Many people drink tea and in fact it is known as the world’s most favorite drink. Most people drink it for the taste and a few are aware of the health benefits behind it. By drinking four cups of tea each day you are on a path to ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

Why Drink Tea

Your mind and body can soon become lethargic due to long stressful days at work, shortage of exercise, too much junk food that is elevated in fat and sugar but short in fiber content. Many people will take those much needed tea breaks throughout the day to catch their breath but many of these people are not aware that they are actually benefiting their health by doing this. There has been research that has proved that tea can help to maintain a healthy heart. Statistics show that in Saudi Arabia, out of one thousand and seven hundred and sixty four women, nineteen percent of them who were drinkers of tea suffered less with cardiovascular diseases. Others studies that took place have shown that the flavonoids in tea stopped the oxidation process of the bad cholesterol lying in the blood that leads to the increase of plaque in the artery walls. There is still many more studies that are taking place to study tea and the benefits. The ingredient fluoride, which most people know of as the ingredient in toothpastes comes from tea. So it makes sense that tea drinking helps with the teeth and also it battles against plaque buildup. The black tea as well as the green tea has fluoride which means they both fight against the bacteria that cause plaque.

White Tea

White tea originates from the immature tea leaves. The shortage of chlorophyll in the leaves makes them look silvery white. It is the least processed out of all the types of teas, they are only steamed. It has antioxidants that fights cancer and has less caffeine than other teas.

Green Tea

The green tea is made from unfermented leaves that are also steamed. Green tea has a distinct flavor like grass. There are a few varieties, however, that has slightly different flavors such as Matcha, Hyson, Sencha, and the Dragon Well. As well as a form of fighting cancer, the green tea is also known for helping people with healthy teeth and gums, increasing their immunity, and assisting with weight loss as it speeds up a persons metabolism.

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