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Verityor misconception

Unfortunately,there are quite a number of companies present today that, despite advertisingtheir products as completely organic, still put to a large extent a number ofsynthetic substances. However, this is not the only misconception we are madeto believe in. Some of the most recent research studies have discovered oneastonishing fact – even though the sunscreen products do protect the person’sbody from sunburns, what is not indicated is that they actually have so littleor no effect at all when it comes to cancer prevention, as well as the aging ofthe skin, which is brought on by the sun’s harmful effects. Another fact thatcontributes to this point is that quite a number of gathered evidence point outto the following – when sunscreens are employed, cancer rates go up.

Anotherdiscouraging fact is that these research studies also revealed that actuallynone of the constituents of the sunscreen products are safe in the real senseof this word. In addition, chemical sunscreens such as avobenzone,methoxycinnamate, padimate-o, as well as the physical sunblocks such as titaniumdioxide or zinc dioxide, have been discovered to induce the forming of those extremelyharmful free radicals, once put to test under the sunlight. In those moments, thefree radicals tend to have a go at the skin cells nuclei and bring about the occurrenceof harmful mutations, i.e. one of the most dreaded illnesses – the skin cancer.


Asmentioned above, this dioxide is one of the constituents of sunblocks, but isnowadays more famous for its employment in the treatment process of the windowglass, since it has the ability to decompose just about anything found on itsway. This is, of course, an ingredient that you certainly would not like to dothe same to your skin. Aswe are all familiar with it, moderate exposure to sun is healthy. In thosehottest days, it is recommended for the children and elderly tokeep away from the sun, protecting them properly if they decide to leavetheir home for some time. One of the recommendations for a better protectionfrom the sun is loose clothes, finding shelter under shady trees and largefloppy hats or caps, as well as organic cotton. When it comes to the mostproper sunscreen product, one should always opt for the variety that is madeof constituents that provide UVA, as well as UVB protection.

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