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Almost every person knows how important it is to wear sunscreen protection when he or she goes out into the sun for a period of time longer than 15 minutes. The common problem for some people is determining the type of sunscreen that is best for him or her. There are a lot of sunscreens available on the market and that makes the situation even harder. However, once a person gets to know what SPF stands for and what ingredients are good, he or she will no longer have any problems when it comes to purchasing sunscreen. SPF is a sun protection factor. This factor determines how long a person can endure the sun rays before he or she gets sunburned. For instance, a person who is quite pale will last for 5 hours if he or she applied a sunscreen rated SPF 15. The sunscreen needs to stay on the skin in order for the person to avoid getting sunburned. A person who spends and entire day in the sun or most of the day, needs to know a couple of tips that will help him or her get through the day without suffering from sunburn.


Before stepping out, people need to know that the sun is the strongest between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. During that time a person has a greater chance of ending up sunburned. Knowing that, people can deduce that SPF 15 sunscreen will not be able to help them during that time. In these situations, a person can simply apply a sunscreen with a higher SPF factor.

A person should also bear in mind that the proper amount of sunscreen should be applied. Too much or too little is not good. Experts say that the proper amount that should be applied is 2mg sunscreen for each square centimeter of the skin.

The sunscreen should be put on the skin some quarter of an hour before going outside. The reason why that is, so is because the skin needs some time to properly absorb the cream.

Even though a person should apply the cream every couple of hours, certain studies claim that a person should apply the sunscreen for the second time after just half an hour. Reapplying the sunscreen after swimming should be done as well.

When buying a sunscreen, a person should also make sure that it will protect him or her from both UCA and UVB rays.

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