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Chronic injury can lead to scarring of the liver and creation of the condition called cirrhosis. The healthy tissue is then substituted by a scar tissue and this reduces the liver’s blood flow, which can even be blocked completely. Infection control ability of the liver will also be impaired, along with the ability to process drugs, hormones and nutrients, production of protein needed for blood clotting, and other abilities. Scientists from the University of Maryland Medical Center have discovered that malnutrition is commonly an issue among people having cirrhosis problems, so it is very important to have a healthy and balanced diet. The liver converts energy from the food we eat and this is its main function. Toxins are removed from the body with great help from the liver as well. As you can see, the diet is very important part of the cirrhosis treatment, so you should eat whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits as much as you can.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

They should be taken in four or five servings each day because they have a lot of fiber, minerals and vitamins, which makes them very beneficial for the human body. They provide the water consumption we need and they have no cholesterol, which makes the absorption of the minerals and vitamins easier. Try to eat a lot of different vegetables and fruits to get all the essential nutrients, and this refers to the color of the vegetables and fruits. Eat purple plums, yellow corn, black beans, green spinach and other color different vegetables and fruits.

Whole Grains

Minerals, several B vitamins and dietary fiber are some of the nutrients that whole grains contain. Consumption of whole grains will reduce the chances of diverticulosis and constipation and it will improve the digestion process. By eating whole grains, you will consume fewer calories, but you will get the feeling of fullness. Know that little fiber can be found in the processed or refined foods.

Dietary Restrictions

Shellfish, sodium and protein can be a problem for those with cirrhosis, which is why they should see a doctor before consuming any of these foods. Patients may have fluid buildup in the back, legs and feet, which might lead to swelling, and these patients will find quality dietary fiber protein of high importance. But the ammonia levels can be increased if a patient consumes too much proteins, which may lead to hepatic encephalopathy. This condition can further lead to mental confusion and forgetfulness and eventually coma, and it is created by gathering of the toxins. The intake of salt will have to be lower in this situation, since it simulates water retention, but foods rich in sodium need to be avoided as well. Some of them are cold cuts, crackers, soups, meat and some vegetables. Avoid salt, but feel free to use black pepper and lemon juice instead. Patients with cirrhosis may have to avoid shellfish since they have Vibrio vulnificus, which is a bacterium that can be dangerous and thus should be voided.

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