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Some members of the medical staff in a nursing home are standard nurses, whose job is, to take care of the therapy and the health status of the nursing home residents. Their activities include the giving physical therapy and regular medical checkups (measuring blood pressure, blood testing to check levels of glucose, triglycerides etc.).

They also are responsible for maintaining the personal hygiene of each resident. Unfortunately, a certain number of residents in nursing home has problems with maintaining a normal hygiene level and the medical stuff is there to help. They also help with bathing and dressing the patients who need assistance. Some residents do not have the control over the urination and defecation process, and this is where diapers for adults come in handy.

Some nurses are responsible for socialization aspect of the residents. They have daily programs and activities and games for both, fun and memory refreshment. There are also activities that stimulate their intellect. This social aspect is very important in order to fulfill the day with interesting activities, which is important in order to prevent mental degradation. They are also responsible for keeping the residence clean and fresh, which means that rooms of the residents are cleaned on a daily basis, which is also very important for keeping the health and mental status of the residents at a high level. Of course, there are also doctors present in a nursing home.


As for some special nursing home activities, it is important to emphasize something personal for each resident having a small party for the birthdays of each resident as well as having holiday celebrations. Road trips can easily be organized, including visits to local museums, theaters, movies etc. Some physical activity is also prescribed for the residents. It must be performed with care and caution in order to prevent injuries. Interesting idea would be teaching older residents basic moves of tai chi, for example, which might be a great thing for their health too.

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