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A problem of functional disability is a hard one and we will try to help by giving you several nursing intervention tips, which will help you to overcome this obstacle and lead as normal life as you can. These tips will help you make living easier. A patient may feel a bit blue or unwilling to take care of the basic things, but this is very important and it should not be avoided. They will help your self-esteem and you will accomplish your personal needs. All of these activities, like toileting, grooming yourself, feeding yourself, dressing and bathing independently, have to be done every day. But doing these activities does create a great strain on the people suffering from functional disability. There is a way in which a patient can promote faster recovery, independence, and it can help with the community entering and going home.

Encouraging Self-Care Abilities

These self-care activities have to be done by the patients and the nurse will have to be present to aid the patient in completing this. The nurse has to let the patient do the activities himself or herself. The patient will have to be enthusiastic about doing them and this is something the nurse is responsible of. The nurse can only help if the activity the patient is doing is too hard and he or she cannot do it without help. The most important part of this process is the encouraging of the patient, which has to be done by the nurse. The learning progress will be smoother if nurse gives more specific instructions constantly. The health team has to be aware of the progress and because of this, documenting the progress is needed, which may lead to the increased self-confidence and enthusiasm.

Suggesting the use of Assistive Devices

The patient may need an assistive device to accomplish specific activity and there is a variety of these devices that are used depending on the need. They can also be made by a family member, occupational therapist or a nurse if there is not enough money for the devices. The industry changes and so there are new devices available constantly and nurses should inform the patient about this. But, it is important for a nurse to know which device can be used and which to promote and advertise to the patient, since more damage will be caused if an improper device has been used.

Assisting patient in accepting self-limitations

Taking care of personal needs will have to be done by a person suffering from rigorous disability and in these situations, the nurse is responsible for teaching the patient to do this. There are a lot of activities, such as feeding and grooming, so family may not be enough and some private helper may be needed. Be sure to hire a skilled professional and supervise his or hers work.

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