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Who Is a Certified Nursing Assistant?

These special assistants are the people whowork in hospitals, homes, daycare centers and many other, similarplaces where people may be in need of medical help. However, thesepeople are not a part of technical staff. Rather, they present aconnective bond between nurses and patients, spending countless hourswith the people in the facility in question and informing those abovethem of the status and changes regarding the people these assistantsare to take great care of. These CNAs spend a lot of time being therefor the patients, and have numerous different responsibilities.Therefore, their job is not easy, and, even though they are notdoctors or nurses, they still play a vital role in the process ofpatient treatment.

A Calling With Various Responsibilities

First of all, a CNA is supposed to takegood care of the patients proper hygiene. This involves, washing,changing clothes, clipping nails, shaving and all other things thepatients are otherwise unable to do on their own. Feeding and walkingassistance, as well as medication administering are also a part oftheir job. Additionally, these people are in charge of taking thepatients to the bathroom, helping them during these processes ifnecessary. At the same time, CNAs need to take care of patients withcatheters and bed pans as well.

If these assistants are working in ahousehold, they are to take care of it, dusting, changing the sheetsand providing healthy conditions for the patient they are taking careof. These people write all the patient charts regarding theirrecords, health changes or any other important information.Therefore, they have to conduct numerous tests in order to be surethe patient is in proper health condition, without any alterations.

A certified nursing assistant needs toprotect the patients from bed sores, prepare them for possiblesurgeries and disinfect all the things which are used for treatingtheir patient. This involves various medical devices, along with theoperation equipment.

The list of CNA's duties does not stophere. On the contrary, they are in charge of the patient's exerciseprogram too. Additionally, they are to drive the people they takecare of to any possible examinations or other places of need.Finally, a CNA deals with the patient's visitors and schedules anyvisiting hours. During the whole time he or she spends with thepatient, they are to provide both physical and mental support. Thisoften leads to bonding with the people they care about, remaining incontact even after the person is cured and able to take care ofhim/herself.

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