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In this text, we will see what can cause such a problem. Many injuries can happen due to stretching, constriction and compression of body parts or muscles. Pinched nerve is the name that gathers all of these injuries. Pinched arm nerve is such injury experienced in the arm. If this happens, physical therapy, medication and rest are needed. The surgery is a treatment option for those cases considered severe. These were some basic information about this problem, but now we will move on to some more specific.


The most common problem associated with pinched arm nerve is paresthesia or tingling sensation. Shoulder is where this sensation starts to surface, and then it moves down the arm towards the wrist. Pointing finger and the thumb may also experience this tingling sensation, but this depends on the pinched nerve. Pain will also be felt, and it is a tingling sensation mentioned, which gradually becomes worse until it can be associated with pain. Numbness and muscle weakness can accompany the pain, along with arm fallen asleep sensation, muscle spasms and twitching. There are also some complications related to this condition, and the most common are tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.


We have seen what problems this condition creates but now we are going to see how this condition can be treated and cured. In order to eliminate this problem, you will have to rest a lot. This is the first step of the treatment process. The recovery will be longer if you do not restrain from physical activity. This can also make the problem bigger and aggravate the pain felt in the arm. The physical therapy will also be needed. You will learn how to perform several exercises that will help with your condition. The arm muscles will be stretched and stronger due to these exercises. Due to this, the pinched nerve will experience much less pressure then it has by then. There are several medications that are used for the inflammation and pain experienced. The most popular are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or cortisone injections. More severe cases will not be cured with such treatment, so surgery is the only option for such cases. The surgery done depends on the arm area affected, but it will surely reduce the pressure that the arm nerve experiences.

There are ways in which this problem may be avoided and they involve simple everyday activities done in self-care measures. When you are doing some activity, take good posture and also do regular exercises schedule, watch over your weight and take pauses between activities.

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