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The Doctor Is To Blame

Numerous times people get misdiagnosed and suggested wrong and inadequate treatments, solely because their doctors are not careful enough. Moreover, the doctors do not care enough and deal with their patients as if they were inanimate objects, moving on a production line, being treated and sent forward, regardless of the method and way.

It is the same with psychological problems. For example, people suffering from depression are often taken for granted and labeled as having mental issues of sorts. Thus, almost always, they are prescribed some strong antidepressants which bombard their brain with random chemicals, completely changing their personality and behavior. Thus, doctors produce satisfied zombies, completing the “win-win” equation. This, of course is a terrible thing. Nevertheless, it is quite real and experienced daily, throughout different facilities on the surface of the Earth. However, people do not realize that depression may be caused by numerous other things than “mental issues”. Nutrition, lifestyle and countless other factors may cause you to feel sad and depressed, having nothing to do with your mental health and well-being.

In the same manner, since, we have already mentioned nutrition, aspartame is known to be a substance which easily makes people feel depressed. Other substances we eat have the same or similar effect upon us. Thus, it is better to rule out other causes before treating toxin effects with more toxins, through medications and antidepressants.

Facts about Aspartame

This artificial sweetener is found in numerous products people consume daily, unaware of its dangerous characteristics. Namely, aspartame is capable of triggering numerous health problems, some more serious than the others. The worst case scenarios may even result in death, and statistics have shown more of these cases than we would like to believe in.

Also, related to the issue this article is all about, aspartame causes imbalances in our brain chemical levels, mainly dopamine, easily causing mood changes and depression. Frighteningly, the same process may result in the development of brain tumors. Brain damage and even brain cancer are also possible ways of aspartame negative effect.

Finally, you get the picture of what happens after a long-term consumption of this substance. Nevertheless, it is widely used and kept as a obligatory ingredient in many products we consume daily. Why is this so, remains one of many mysteries we deal with every day, probably reflected through corporate, Machiavellian conduct, caring not for health of fellow humans but, rather for the personal, monetary gain of people who control this world. Thus, for your own sake, look deeper into your depression and negative mood, since you yourself may hardly be the main problem.

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