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This article deals with the issue of night sweats in women who are at their twenties. If you are one of those who face with this discomfort, read this article and you will learn some useful information. As their name suggests night sweats occur during your night sleeping. If you have talked to women who are of your age sincerely about night sweats, you have realized that it happens quite often in women younger than 30. Night sweats are very disturbing because they wake you up with your pajamas wet and your sheets filled with sweat.

Causes of Night Sweats in Women Under 30

What are the causes of this uncomfortable experience? In most cases, the main cause is hormonal imbalance. There are some periods of woman’s life when hormonal imbalance is something that is quite normal. It is normal during a pregnancy, or after a childbirth that your hormones are searching for their prior level and their level is varying. Perimenopause transition can also be a cause for night sweats in women under 30, because, it can bring along some changes that reflect on their reproductive life. Due to the estrogen’s increased production in the ovaries, symptoms that resemble menopause are manifested. The duration of this can be from a few months to a few years. Night sweats can be a symptoms of a vast number of infections. Some infections that have night sweats as one of the symptoms include tuberculosis, endocarditis, or heart infection. Lymphoma and AIDS can also bring these symptoms along with the other symptoms. Some medicines like birth control pills, anti-depressants, Aspirin, niacin, and acetaminophen can cause night sweats as a side effect.

Night Sweats Treatment

In order to reduce and prevent yourself from night sweat, it is important to diagnose the underlying problem that is causing it. For this to be done, a doctor must know all about your medical history, and if you are on some medications, he should know what they are. If night sweats occur due to medication, they can be solved by stopping to take them or replacing them with other. If there is an infection, the doctor will prescribe medications for that particular condition. Hormonal therapy is introduced if woman has a perimenopause symptom. Patients are also advised to take cold showers before going to bed. It would be also good to have a glass of cold milk or juice. It is also advised to lead a healthy life style and sleep in comfortable fabrics.

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