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Information on Night Sweats

Night sweats are a common problem in men, especially in those who are over forty years of age. Night sweats in women are usually associated with menopause, but that of course cannot be said for the same problems that affect the male population.

Some men get really concerned and upset because they experience night sweats, but in most cases they are not that serious.

There are numerous different causes and factors which may be associated with night sweats in men. One of the simplest reasons is that the human body gets detoxified by sweating. Night sweats may also be associated with interrupted sleep which may affect and harm one’s health.

Causes of Night Sweats

When sweating occurs it is actually a natural response. Sometimes, when a night is hot, a person sweats in order to get rid of excess heat in the body. The heat gets carried away from the human body by means of evaporation. By sweating the human body also gets detoxified.

The higher the rate of perspiration, the greater the amounts of toxins released from the body. Night sweats may be quite often in persons who consume alcohol on a regular basis.

Night sweats can also be affiliated with the consumption of certain different types of food. Those types of food usually include highly spicy food, garlic based food, onions and red meats among many others. Night sweats can also be triggered by stress and stressful situations. There are also numerous different types of medical conditions which may be associated with night sweats.

One of the most common ones is the one called andropause. It is similar to the menopause that women experience. The body of a male person adjusts to the hormonal changes which occur during the andropause and by doing so it may trigger certain symptoms such as night sweats and even hot flashes. As is the case with female patients, these symptoms usually get resolved on their own.

Night sweats can also be associated with certain types of viral and bacterial infections such as tuberculosis, endocarditis, osteomyelitis and even AIDS. Cancer can also trigger night sweats. Occurrence of night sweats in men can also sometimes be affiliated with certain types of medications.

Antidepressants are usually the cause of night sweats, when it comes down to medications.

Night sweats can also occur when a person has decreased levels of sugar in the blood. That medical condition is referred to as hypoglycemia. Other medical causes may be irritable bowel syndrome, different hormone disorders, various neurological problems and old age.

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