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Men and Frequent Night Sweats

Even though night sweats are more common in women who are intheir menopausal periods, thereby being older than 40, men of this age cansuffer from this annoying and bothersome condition as well. Moreover, since menare not typical sufferers of this problem, continuous night sweats are the causeof concern quite often. However, there are many different causes of thisproblem. Thereby, the reason behind night sweats in men can range from sleepingdepravity and stress to some kind of a severe underlying health condition. Thisis why this phenomenon should not be neglected. Rather, as soon as night sweatsstart appearing in your life too often, you should look further into it andseek medical assistance.

Reasons behind Night Sweats in Men

One of the most common reasons of this problem is quiteharmless. Namely, if you tend to sleep in poorly ventilated, hot environment,you are bound to sweat since sweating is our body’s way of balancingtemperature. However, night sweats of this type may stem from your meals duringthe day. Thus, if you have eaten spicy food, you are likely to suffer fromnight sweats during the night. Also, through sweating, our body gets rid ofunwanted toxins we have previously exposed it to. So, if you have been drinkingheavily lately, you are bound to experience these sweats as your body tries todetoxify itself. Finally, stress and daily frustrations may manifest throughyour night sweats as well.

As for more delicate and serious conditions behind nightsweats in men, the first suspect can be andropause. Believe it or not, men alsosuffer from hormonal changes as they grow older and some of the symptoms ofthis metamorphosis are the same as with women and their menopause, includingnight sweats.

Next, there are viral or some other types of infectionsand/or inflammations in one’s organism as possible causes of night sweats inmen. These are usually connected to the cardiovascular system or pulmonarysystem in our body. Cancer may also trigger night sweats in men. Finally, lowblood sugar, irritable bowel syndrome, old age or specific medications all canhave this condition as a byproduct. Depending on the severity and frequency ofnight sweats, immediate medical attention may have to be sought as soon aspossible.

Before taking any further steps, make sure your sleepingquarters are well ventilated, clean and comfortable. If this condition remainspersistent regardless of the modifications you have made, the next logical stepis to pay your doctor a visit.

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