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Genuine connection or just a myth?

When having in mind the direct relation between the night sweats and alcohol, many people tend to view it as something not that likely to be true or connected. However, the truth is that these two are directly related to one another indeed. But alcohol is not the only inducer of night sweats. Other frequent ones also include the likes of smoking, coffee, caffeinated beverages, spicy food etc.

As for night sweats themselves, they represent bouts of sweats that come about during nighttime, i.e. while a person is sleeping, and also in those instances when the overall room temperature is below warm. However, the aforementioned culprits are not the sole ones to be fully accused of the crime of sweating, since other quite prominent ones also include menopause, stroke, tuberculosis, leukemia, as well as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, to mention but those more serious and thus more prominent ones.

Relation specifics

It is regarded as quite common for those individuals who drink alcohol to experience bouts of night sweats straight after. And this goes in particular for those people who have the tendency to overindulge in it quite often. But, as much as we would like to know what are exactly those mechanisms that underlie the night sweats-alcohol relationship, this will, at least for a while longer, remain a mystery. What has been discovered by way of a number of research studies, however, is that the people who overindulge in alcohol run greater risk of experiencing night sweats in comparison to those who indulge in alcohol moderately.

Furthermore, it has also been discovered that active drinking is not the sole cause of night sweats, but their occurrence is also quite frequent in those individuals who attempt to quit this nasty habit altogether and once and for all. Such individuals who are in their quitting phase, or are on a withdrawal path, have the tendency to keep on perspiring quite a lot. And this goes as well even for those moments when they are not making a more personal acquaintance with a specific brand of alcohol. One of the explanations offered is that the incidence in question might occur as a direct consequence of the body's sudden deprivation of alcohol, since it has established a certain dependence-relationship with it.

The manifestations that accompany night sweat also include such as night terrors, auditory hallucinations and alike. In case alcohol abuse is present and accompanied by heavy bouts of night sweet, a person should not hesitate but visit a medical representative as soon as possible, for this may be an indicator of the presence of a certain more severe condition.

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