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Anxiety associated night sweats are a common problem of people suffering from this disturbing psychological state. They frequently affect people with different psychological and psychiatric disorders. Night sweats, as the very name suggests, occur at night, during sleep. People commonly weak up wet and sweaty. The issue tends to linger until its underlying cause is identified and adequately treated. It is estimated that anxiety associated night sweats affect women more than men.

More about Anxiety Associated Night Sweats

Anxiety is frequently blamed for night sweats. People may not be aware of what is causing the unpleasant sensations and excessive sweating that frequently wakes them up and keep them awake during the night. It may be that such individuals are only going through a phase of being exposed to excess stress and tension or there may be more complex underlying medical issue which needs to be treated.What is Beneath Anxiety and Night Sweats?

Apart from certain psychological or psychiatric disorders, there are other medical conditions that may cause anxiety and lead to night sweats. For instance, the problem may occur in people suffering from various hormonal changes. Hypethyroidism or even entering a menopause may be blamed for night sweats. Even insomnia may be a trigger for anxiety and subsequently lead to night sweats.

All in all, it is essential to identify the underlying cause. Only this way the affected individual can be provided with the best solution.

Anxiety Associated Night Sweats - Home Remedies

If there is no serious underlying condition responsible for anxiety and night sweats, one may benefit from some remedies.

One of the best ways to deal with anxiety and night sweats is to adopt and learn certain relaxation techniques for anxiety. These are quite efficient in reduction of tension. Once the techniques are properly learnt, they may be applied before going to bed. This way, the body will relax and the person will sleep better without any disturbance. Meditation, yoga or deep breathing techniques provide with best results when it comes to relaxation.

Homeopathy and Aromatherapy

Homeopathy remedies are also effective tool in battle against anxiety and night sweats. They are rather safe and have no side effects. Some of the most frequently prescribed homeopathic medicines for this purpose are ignatia, gelsemium and aconite.

Aromatherapy is another means of overcoming anxiety and night sweats. Various oils like lavender or rosemary oils added to a bath water may calm the body and mind and ward off anxiety.

Finally, if the two problems do not respond to any of the previously mentioned, one is due to seek professional medical help.

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