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Tell tale signs

Discovering this not at all pleasant condition is pretty difficult. The best way is considered to be by way of an ultrasound, but unless you have one stacked in your spare room, basement or back yard, then it will definitely not be of much help since you cannot be running to the hospital each time your suspicions are aroused. Yet, this condition is serious enough and, thus, calls for immediate attention and intervention. Aside from the above mentioned, there is yet another way by which a person can determine if the condition is present or not, and that is by way of some of the most frequent manifestations.

When it comes to kidney stones, regarded as the most frequently occurring and indicating manifestations are such as the intense pain in the back, especially the upper region, dispersing all the way to the abdominal region. This is also accompanied by the occurrence of blood in the person’s urine, which is more than visible and the person might also suffer from instances of nausea, followed often by vomiting. In addition, in some cases there is even the occurrence of chills and fever.

Despite the fact that precise inducers of kidney stones are not familiar, regarded as such is a diet that abounds in proteins and calcium, and also overdoing it with the daily intake of vitamin C supplements. All these factors contribute significantly to the formation of the kidney stones.

Remedies – gift from nature

A great number of the natural remedies is, unfortunately, unknown to many people. And when it comes to treating the condition in question, there exists one quite evident, but also quite often disregarded, remedy, i.e. the mixture of olive oil and lemon juice. When preparing, the both ingredients should not supersede the amount greater than a couple of ounces. One important notion to bear in mind is that a person ought to drink this only after s/he has experienced kidney-stones related pain. The proper amount is eight ounces, mixed with water and consumed immediately. As a direct result, in most cases, the stones and related pain disappear in the following 24 hours or so.

In order to avoid occurrence of kidney stones, a person also ought to drink as much water as possible, for yet another common culprit for the bringing this condition about is dehydration, particularly if it is of long duration. Therefore, it is highly important to drink approximately 8 glasses of water, on a daily basis, as well as make sure your urine is always clear.

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