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A kidney stone attack is so intensive and painful that a person feels incapable of moving sometimes. Sharp pains are felt in the lower back and some painkillers can ease the pains, but since the pains are persistent and last for days, the treatment does not boil down only to medicines. Kidney complications requires a large intake of liquids, special diets, antibiotics and sometimes surgical interventions. Sometimes a kidney stone attack can be prevented or eased. Symptoms

Pains in the back lasting for days and difficulty to urinate properly may be the signs of an ensuing kidney attack. It is important to go to the doctor's as soon as possible take urine tests so as to include the appropriate therapy before the attack. Signs and symptoms can resemble some other health problems, but a person has to pay attention in certain situations.

Heredity and gender may influence the kidney condition. According to some estimations, men are more prone to kidney diseases and thus kidney stone attacks. However, women have to also be careful. A genetic predisposition can determine the state of health. Therefore, the kidney stone belongs to the group of health problems that can be passed on from one generation of family to the other. If the kidney complications, especially the kidney stones, run in the family, the person should take good care. Reducing food that contains sugar or liquids with caffeine is one of the precautions that is necessary. Too much dairy can have an effect on regular kidney function so it is advisable to avoid them.

The person has to drink a lot of water and liquids and avoid dehydrating. Whenever there is the need to urinate, never hold the urine back and go to the toilet immediately.

Pains in the back or pelvis is the most common sign. The pain does not disappear by itself. Painkillers may be effective temporarily but the pain reoccurs with variable intensity. People suffering from kidney stones usually have the feeling that urine cannot pass because the channels are blocked.

Feeling disoriented, nauseous and feverish is also the sign. People are often in a bent position its unable to walk because of pains. They feel unsteady and shaky.

Urine of a dark color or with blood in it with an unpleasant smell is an alarming sign. If noticed medical help should be sought.

The most painful symptom is definitely the very kidney stone attack. Stabbing pains in the lower back accompanied by the feeling that the stomach is being torn apart require an urgent medical intervention. In such situations, people are taken to the emergency room and given drugs to soothe the pains.

After the attack a person needs urine tests and x-rays. The person is advised to stay in bed drink plenty of water and usually the stone is passed, which is a great relief. If problems are persistent, a doctor can use a sonic device to break apart the stone.

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