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Life can be pretty stressful at times, especially if you're juggling raising small kids with all kinds of other responsibilities. Are you looking for mom-friendly natural stress remedies? Try one of these.

A jog in the sun

Low levels of vitamin D are linked to higher chances of being depressed, and most people in developed northern hemisphere countries are at least a little deficient. The best source is sunlight. Exercise, too, has been proven to increase happiness levels. Why not combine the two and take a jog in the sun? Brisk walks can easily be combined with small kids too, in a stroller or baby carrier.

Positive thinking

That sounds all new age-ish, doesn't it? Well, all moms know it's not hard to focus on the negative stuff when you have a whining toddler who doesn't want to cooperate within anything you planned. This age group is known for driving parents insane, but you contribute to it yourself when you wind yourself up over it. Try seeing the positive instead in the case of a toddler it may be growing independence and seeing that adventurous spirit develop and you will certainly feel better.

Singing loudly in the shower

Having a nice warm shower while singing very loudly always makes me appreciate life. When you are raising a family, the shower may actually be the only place you get some privacy, so don't feel embarrassed to stay in there for ages. Some moms love listening to pod casts in the bath tubs, and others like zen music, candles and some fancy bath salts.

Pick a fight

Join a book club. Or a political party. Or, if you have trouble getting out the house, an online discussion group :). Diapers, first grade maths, and self replenishing dirty dishes seem to break your brain cells down and perhaps to make you a little depressed, stressed, or both. Talking some competent adults can help you feel better. Debates can help you let go of that pent up anger.

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