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If you work as a singer professionally, or rather consider singing your cherished hobby, you are definitely aware of the importance of your voice and the necessity of its nourishment. Also, if your walk of life is that of a teacher, you are well aware to which extent you always need your voice to be the perfect when it comes to volume, loudness, color and pitch. However, sometimes one’s voice gets damaged by numerous factors and he or she has noticeably different sound of it. Namely, any persistent change in somebody’s voice manifesting through extremely high or low pitch, lack of power and similar, may have something to do with vocal nodules.
What Are Vocal Nodules And How Does One Get Them?
Vocal nodules develop on the vocal cords themselves. Our vocal cords are covered with soft tissue, but, mostly due to overuse a hematoma gets created on their surface. If a person with this condition continues to abuse his or her vocal cords, these bruises get stiffer and create nodules, preventing the cords from vibrating correctly.
Numerous factors and situations may trigger the creation of the above mentioned vocal nodules. Firstly, there is screaming and raising one’s voice in general. Additionally, smokers and those who spend most of their time among smokers all are in danger of developing this condition. Regardless of the tone and loudness of a person’s voice, mere talking, if carried out too long, may damage the vocal cords, leading to creation of the nodules. Excessive and continuous coughing provokes friction among the vocal cords and add on to the list of possible causes of the condition mentioned above. For all the reasons noted, the main risk group considers teachers, speakers, politicians, actors, ministers and all similar professions.
How To Preserve One’s Voice?
Simply, by paying attention to its use. Do not yell or strain your vocal cords unnecessarily and avoid situations where you might be forced to scream or raise your voice in order to be heard. Secondly, since one’s overall health influences one’s voice as well, take care of yourself, and do not strain your vocal cords while sick. Giving up smoking helps greatly. Also, make sure your TV or stereo are not loud all the time since, although you may not notice it, you are yelling all the time in such situations. Drink a lot of water and swallow often in order to keep your cords clean and also make sure you do not whisper a lot since this action, as well as screaming, damages your vocal folds. Finally, give your voice enough rest and avoid straining it when you start feeling pain in your throat.

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