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GoutPain Relief

Paincaused by gout can be excruciating and is commonly believed to be oneof the harshest types of pain. Gout is caused by either andoverproduction of uric acid or a inhibition in the expulsion of theacid (typically taken care of by urination). This excess uric acid istransported in the blood stream and is subsequently deposited intojoints around the body, usually in the feet. There, the acidcrystalises, causing inflammation and swelling of the joint. Gouttypically affects the toes, feet and ankles and causes a considerableamount of pain due to the swelling and inflammation.

Goutis actually a type of arthritis and is one of the most potentrheumatic conditions. It can appear without warning and practicallydebilitate the person due to pain. Around one percent of the world'spopulation suffers from gout at any one time, interrupting sleep andrestricting daily routines.


Thereare two main steps involved in curing the gout. The first step is torelieve the pain. Since the pain is so intense and affects the personin such a profound way, getting rid of it is essential before thesufferer continues with any other course of action. Certainmedications can help reduce gout symptoms, especially the pain.However, these are mostly short-term solutions and do nothing toreduce the cause of the gout. It is still advisable to relieve atleast some of the pain, since it will be hard to go about any kind ofdaily routine while having to deal with the intense pain produced bygout.

Thesecond step in curing gout is to reduce the production of uric acid.Since this is the original cause of gout, and gout is not caused byany other means, it is a crucial step in eliminating existing goutand reducing the risk of it occurring again. Other factors cancontribute to the appearance of gout. Poorly functioning kidneys,excessive alcohol consumption, high blood pressure, diabetes andstress can all increase the risk of gout. Eating too much red meatand other protein rich foods and drinking too little water can alsocontribute to gout.

Alifestyle change may be in order to prevent gout from returning. Abalanced diet that includes plenty of vitamins and minerals, as wellas drinking plenty of water and fruit juice, is essential formaintaining a healthy body. Water helps to wash out the uric acid fromthe kidneys too. Acidic foods do increase the uric acid production, soeating fruits and vegetables is advised to help counteract this.

Thelength of time it takes for gout to disappear will vary, as the uricacid will have been building up for some time. Continue with thetreatment regimen until well after the gout has disappeared toprevent it from returning quickly.

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