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Gout is a variety of arthritis, which is distinguished by the occurrence of extreme pain, stiffness and severe inflammation of the person’s joints. When it comes to stiffness and swelling, it is important to emphasize that they can appear as a direct consequence of the buildup of uric acid and the formation of crystals in the person’s joints and the area surrounding them. As far as the pain is concerned, it is brought about by the body’s response to the inflammation induced by the crystals themselves.

Gout can affect just about any joint of the person’s body, however, in the greatest majority of cases, its primary onset point is the foot, i.e. the big toe.

Timely and proper treatment

It is important to emphasize as well is that with the proper treatment and under normal circumstances, the gout tends to disappear on its own in a matter of days (i.e. three to ten days). Also, the period of time between recurrent attacks can stretch, from months to years. But as gout attacks become more frequent, they become more severe and and can lead to more serious problems. In case these attacks begin to occur more often, it can ultimately lead to serious joint damage, as well as severe harm to the areas surrounding the affected joints.

Having all of the above mentioned in mind, when it comes to the significance of timely gout treatment, this cannot be emphasized enough. The sooner the treatment begins the greater the chance for a person to get away with slight or no harm to his/her joints. When it comes to the treatment itself, it must be said that those natural treatment methods and remedies have proven to be much kinder and gentler to one’s body than those conventional medications and approaches. In addition, they have also proven to yield more favorable results, and have shown a much higher efficiency rate.

If a person suffers from gout and seeks to find relief, as well as defeat this unpleasant and unbearable condition, the following steps need to be adhered to:

Weight loss Reduction of dietary purines Increased consuming of tart cherry juice Cayenne pepper/water paste

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