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We will talk about a problemcalled cystitis, which is actually an official name for the infection of the bladder.When the inflammation of the urethra occurs, urinary tract infection isexperienced. An acronym UTI is used for this condition, and the tube that hasthe function of the mover of the urine from the bladder to the outside world,is the mentioned urethra.

When we talk about group that is the most affected,we can say that the women are a bit more affected by this problem, and somestatistics say that every fifth women suffers from urinary tract infection.Just like any other medical problem, this one also requires timely responseand treatment, because when problems with urinary tract are present, the bestyou can do is to go to the doctor. He will give you a treatment, which willprobably include antibiotics. When the doctor makes the proper treatment, thenthe proper treatment shall be applied.

The most probable cause for the urinarytract infection is a bacterial infection. The process of urinating is importantsince, when the activity is done, the bacteria, found in the urethra, isexpelled. When this is not done, the bacteria tend to gather up and it is how theurinary tract infection is created. The infection occurs when the number ofthese bacteria that make human body weak is extremely great. When theinfection is present, compression of the bladder occurs, especially amongpregnant women. Another cause of the inflammation is improper hygiene.


When problem is evident, you canuse some remedies. Two highly recommended remedies are cranberry juice andvitamin C. One of the abilities of cranberry juice is urine acidification andthe blocking of the bacteria spread. Vitamin C is good for the immune system,because it makes it strong. Do not use these remedies for more than 10 days. Goldsealtea, nettle tea and Echinacea herb are remedies you can also use. We do notrecommend using these remedies for more than 34 or 36 hours. The infection canspread and cause serious problems with the kidneys, which is the reason whythese remedies are not recommended after 36 hours of use. Doctor will probablygive you antibiotics, but they will eliminate friendly bacteria. Acidophilus isa supplement you can use, which will help you to restore the number of thesebacteria. Remember that you can use this supplement along with antibiotics.

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