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Constipation affects the everyone and shows no prejudice to anyone. It is very common all over the globe. It basically means that the bowel is not moving how it should be, for example the bowel is not removing the entire stool.

What Are the Symptoms of Having Constipation

You will know if you have constipation if you find it difficult to pass a stool, you may even feel pain when trying. The movements of your bowel will not be standard. If you tend to experience chronic constipation they you may find that you also have bad breath and you will notice a white film over your tongue. Some other symptoms may also include a feeling of being dizzy, depressed, circles under your eyes, not feeling hungry, sickness, stomach aches, acne, and varicose veins on your body and basically a full feeling in your gut.

The Problem with Having Constipation

As the process of breaking down food in your body takes place, the stool that is remaining will contain toxins. If your body does not expel these toxins in time then your body will automatically take them into the blood stream. This unfortunately can cause a whole array of issues from rheumatism, arthritis, appendicitis, headaches, acne and high blood pressure and can also be associated with cancer of the colon.

What are the Causes of Constipation

You are always told to drink plenty of water. Well, this is one of the many reasons as to why you should do just that. Basically as the food you eat passes through your body and into your colon, the colon's job is to soak up liquid from the stool. However if the colon takes excess water from the stool then inevitably the stool will be a harder consistency thus not being able to easily go through the final part of its journey. The people who do not drink enough liquid, primarily water or the people who on the whole lead an unhealthy style of life and don’t take in the right amount of fiber will be the ones that tend to suffer with this uncomfortable condition. There are of course other reasons for having constipation such as pregnancy, medications and problems with certain thyroid hormones. As well as these reasons there are a few more like traveling too much or being inactive, taking supplements of iron and painkillers can also be the cause of your constipation. So start to take in more fiber, drink more water and have a close look at your lifestyle.

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