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Constipation is a very sore and sometimes rather painful for some people. However, it is somewhat smooth to avoid and cure. Ideally you should pass a stool two or three times a day, however the majority of people believe one time a day is normal. It can be a dangerous thing if stools are not removed from the colon because of the toxins they release into the body causing all sorts of havoc. The Most Common Symptoms of Suffering with Constipation

People with constipation will feel like it is difficult to go to the bathroom even though they may feel the need to. Some people may feel immense pressure which can cause pain. Others will suffer with cramps and bloating in their stomach. Tiredness and even depression can be symptoms of constipation. The Most Common Causes of Constipation

Constipation is mostly due to eating a bad diet, like white flour and not enough fiber in the diet. People who do not take part in regular exercise may find they suffer with constipation. Pregnant women also have to go through constipation due to their hormonal change.How to Alleviate Constipation

The number one way to stop constipation in its tracks is by having a decent amount of fiber in your diet. By using fiber in your diet you will be helping your body to make stools that are spongy thus allowing your body to get free of them more effortlessly. Foods with fiber in them comprise of fruit, carrots, cabbage, essentially any vegetables with leaves, beans and grains and cereals. In addition, by eating a decent amount of vegetables and fruits helps with constipation because they have ingredients that clear the toxins in the body by flushing them out. You don’t need to totally give up having protein in your diet. Just try eating your protein with a blend of foods that are also high in fiber for instance have a plate of vegetables additionally. The other problem of eating protein on its own is the likelihood of colon cancer as it stays there for quite some time. So this is another motive to make sure you eat vegetables with your protein. Increase your probiotic and magnesium intake. If you have taken antibiotics in your life then you have probably contributed to killing the good bacteria in your gut. So by restoring this with the probiotics will help with constipation. The vitamins that will also help you are B5 and C.

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