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The glands that are situated in your throat make approximately one to two quarts a day of mucus and these are produced continuously throughout each and every day. The mucus in fact has jobs many jobs for example it sanitizes the nasal membranes and also humidifies the air that enters the nose, the mucus also ensnares the inhaled foreign body and the mucus also wrestles the infection.What is a post nasal drip

A post-nasal drip is when you can actually feel the mucus at the back of your throat and some can even feel it dripping down the back of the throat. Usually we just swallow the mucus without even taking a second thought about it.

What are the causes

The feeling of the mucus at the back of the throat can be contributed to a few different factors one being the throat muscle being too tight or by having the mucus at a too thick density and even a post nasal drip can be caused by having a swallowing disorder.

Thin secretions of mucus

If you find you are experiencing a thin, clear secretion it can be simply due to a cold an allergy, the temperature foods, hormonal fluctuations and even bright lights. Some drugs can contribute to a clear slight mucus like the contraceptive pill.

Thick secretion of mucus

In the winter time, in a home or a building that is slightly dry you may find you will suffer with a thick mucus secretion. Thick mucus can also be caused by having an allergy, a possible infection of the nose and even dairy products. Keep an eye on the colour of the mucus secretion because if it turns from being a thin secretion to a thicker mucus that is possibly greenish in colour then you may be suffering from a bacterial sinus infection. If you have a child that has a thick mucus coming from just one nostril then check it thoroughly because sometimes this can mean they may have something actually stuck in their nose. The after effects of swallowing

If you tend to suffer with swallowing problems this can inevitably lead to something solid or liquid being congested in the back of the throat. In situations where the muscles and the nerves in the throat and mouth don’t communicate properly with each other then it can cause the mucus to over develop and go into the voice box or windpipe if this is the case you will hear a hoarseness and a lot of throat clearing and lots of coughing.

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