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The prostate is reproductive male gland, responsible for producing the fluid that carries semen. Surrounding urethra, trough witch urine leaves the body, sometimes gland gets infected, and grows bigger, pressing the urethra, and causing bladder and urination problems. This state is called prostatitis, and it can happen to almost all man, especially in their older age. Most symptoms of prostatitis in its acute phase are related with urinating, starting from dribbling in the end of it, frequent night urinating, and all trough inability to empty the bladder to the full. If prostatitis advances to chronic state, it can also cause serious problems.

Infection of the prostate, if last for a longer time, may cause various and serious symptoms. It can affect sexual performance ability, causing erectile problems, and shortening the period of sexual intercourse. It can also lead to total inability to have sex. Chronic prostatitis can not be cured if you only deal with infection of the prostate gland. In times, prostate gland weakness considerably, endangering whole male reproductive system.

Also, sphincters of prostate gland weakness, resulting of display of fluid oozing from penis. Usually this fluid secretion keeps urethra and penis wet all the time. When this small amount of fluids leaks, it interferes with your ability to have an erection, and also diminishes urethra and prostate gland capacity to fight bacterial infections.

In order to determine your exact case and stage of prostatitis, your doctor may perform various tests, which include urine tests, bladder, blood, infections, etc. Depending of the severity of your symptoms, various treatments can be applied, from antibiotics medications, and in some cases, even surgery. In case of acute infection of prostatitis, usually antibiotics medications are prescribed by your doctor.

But in some cases, and also in cases of chronic prostatic inflammation, medications are not effective enough. Even after the treatment with antibiotic medications are over, and test shows no trace of previous infection, you ca not be sure that you are completely cured. In that case, you should try some home remedies to help your self. Alternative for medications and one of the home remedies can be found in many vegetable oils and herbs, such as Saw Palmetto herb. There is also herbs like shilajit, ayurveda or ashwagandha; all of them have proven record in curing both acute and chronic prostatitis completely.

You can also try the Kohinoor gold capsules. They contains strong combination of this herbs, and can help you not only with prostate infections, but also with sexual performance. For more information on ways of preparing, dosage and way of use, check with your doctor or herbalist.

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