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As people who suffer from this unpleasant sinus related condition already know, sinus infections are not only disagreeable, but are extremely painful as well. Even though in most cases the first treatment method involves antibiotics, this is definitely not the best long-term solution. Therefore, many turn to remedies that are natural and find them far better than the conventional ones.

Natural Remedies to the Rescue

Drinking a lot of water is an imperative. Given the fact that one of the properties of mucus is fast thickening, if you make sure your body is well hydrated, mucus can be thinned and eventually warded off from the body. Water, tea and any other beverage will do fine, as long as you are well hydratedDairy products are a NO. Certain doctors believe that dairy products (milk, cheese, ice cream particularly) may be another cause of excessive mucus formation. Thus, when under sinus infection, do try to keep your hands off thoseTimely treatment of colds is essential, so do give your best to treat any cold as soon as you fall under its influence, for colds are a perfect cause for sinus infections. Zinc supplements and a lot of rest are best in warding that awkward cold offFood rich in antioxidants should be on top of the diet list. Food most rich in antioxidants includes tomatoes, broccoli, berries, garlic, red grapes and spinach, and they all boost our immune system, thus warding off sinus related infectionsTreatment with steam is also an extremely good way to unclog your sinuses and thus stop a sinus infection even before it occurs. Steam aids in enabling the mucous to run through the sinuses without any hindrance.Vitamin supplements are recommended as means of making sure that the body is provided with the appropriate amount of nutrients, on a daily basis. They are especially beneficial in the battle with the mucous are potassium based supplements.Herbal remedies are considered to be a must when sinus infection is in question. Their benefits lie in the fact that they are not only safer, but most often more effective than those conventional and traditional medications. For the clearance of the sinus passages best are eucalyptus and peppermint extractTea is also a natural remedy. When under the influence of sinus related conditions, in order to keep your body well rested during night, a cup of tea before going to bed is more than recommended (chamomile tea proved to be the best choice).Sinus irrigation is another method that can aid you in the battle against sinus attacks and infections.

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