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Motion sickness is the human body’s response to movement, beit perceived, real or even anticipated. It is common and it occurs in peoplewho travel frequently, although with time they gradually get used to themotion. The inner ear and the eyes sometimes send conflicting signals to thebrain while moving in a vehicle, a boat or an airplane. The body senses amotion but the eyes do not see it happening or vice versa. Sometimes theanticipation of movement can trigger the symptoms of motion sickness andanxiety.

There are certain types of medications that can be helpful forthe motion sickness but one should be careful because they all are impair one’sjudgment and cause drowsiness. Scopolamine is one of them and it comes as apatch that gets places behind the ear a few hours before you travel. It can triggersome side effects that include blurred vision, drowsiness, disorientation anddry mouth. Promethazine works in a similar way as Scopolamine and its effectslast up to 72 hours.

It may also cause dry mouth and drowsiness. Cyclizine isanother similar medication but it is a little different since it is not suitedfor infants under six years of age. Dimenhydrinate is to be taken every four to eighthours and can sometimes trigger side effects similar to those mentioned above.Meclizine is also very efficient but is not suited for infants under 12.

Those who are prone to motion sickness should eat morefrequently and the meals should be significantly smaller than usual. A personshould never overeat and should avoid spicy and greasy meals. Drink lots ofwater and carbonated drinks can be helpful as well as snacking on dry crackers.

Herbs are beneficial for many different systems in the humanbody. They can come as tinctures, glycerites or dried extracts such as powders,teas and capsules. Ginger is very efficient in relieving the symptoms of nauseaand helping with motion sickness. Peppermint can also come in handy. Blackhorehound is a traditional herbal remedy for motion sickness. Acupuncture andacupressure can also be helpful to a certain degree. Certain homeopathicremedies can be used for the treatment of motion sickness.

These include nuxvomica, cocculus, petroleum, borax, sepia and tabacum. Sometimes they can becombined in order to provide even better results. Biofeedback training andrelaxation also have their benefits when it comes to treating the motionsickness. Cognitive behavioral therapy can give the same results. Breathingtechniques are very beneficial as well.

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