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Giventhe fact that being on a watch 24/7 is fairly impossible, when children are inquestion, there are many things we cannot influence or control. One of thesethings is hives. This condition ischaracterized by the unexpected appearance of skin rash and swellings that cause a child to scratch those itchy spots incessantly. Since many parents arenot in favor of employing medicines and drugs when their children are stilllittle, effective solutions can be found in numerous natural remedies andmedicines.

Howhives come about?

In order for us to be able to find an appropriate cure for this condition, first and foremost, itis crucial to know as much as one can about the mostcommon culprits, which initiate this unpleasant condition. Unfortunately, thenature of it makes it extremely difficult to pin point only one cause, i.e.almost anything can initiate the condition in question. However, what can besaid with a lot of certainty is that probably the first on the lists ofculprits is food such as wheat, soy, nuts, milk, peanuts, eggs etc. As far as someother most common culprits are concerned we can blame insects (by means of abite), stress, excessive temperatures (both plus and minus) infections andallergic reactions resulting from viruses to name but a few.

Mostcommon manifestations

Aswith any kind of a rash or allergic reaction, once it starts spreading, thepatches red or pink in color start to appear. These further initiate intensiveitchiness, grouping appearance of the rash (mostly disappear by themselvesafter a couple of hours have passed, but sometimes occur again soon). Othermanifestations also include throat pains (i.e. soar throat), intensive coughingand even runny nose.


Nowthat we have been acquainted with this condition and its follow up effects properly, wecan start fighting it. Though some people prefer prescription orover-the-counter medicines (e.g. anti-histamines to decrease body’ssusceptibility to allergies and allergic reactions) there are a lot of those whoprefer natural remedies and treatment techniques much more. Whenhaving at disposal medicines and remedies natural in origin the most commonly employed andopted for are these in combination with any of the medications belonging to the so called potent drugs category. Among the most frequently used and the most effective ones are thefollowing – alfalfa (wards off toxins from the body) aloe vera (most effectivefor the treatment of welts), chamomile (naturally rich in anti-histaminecharacteristics) nettle (especially juice extracted from it used to boost theentire process of healing) and cayenne (most appropriate and result yieldingfor the treatment of those affected and infected areas of the body).

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