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Up until recently, impotence has been quite a troubling issue in the lives of men. However, with the appearance of aids in the form of Viagra,Cialis, Levitra and similar erectile dysfunction aiders, there is no need forthis to still remain in the realm of the taboo. Despite the factthat members of the male population do not favor revealing this unless they are noturged to, this should not be the case anymore, since by way of numerous productsavailable today the greatest majority of these instances can be quite easilysolved with great success. As a matter of fact, the most difficult thing to dois not the treatment therapy itself, but confronting the condition as such andsharing this with your doctor.


The condition inquestion is induced by a shortage of blood flow, or due to the improper firingof the neural signal to the penis during the intercourse. A direct consequence ofthis is inability to maintain natural erection, essential for penetration. Translatedinto numbers, it can be confirmed that as much as 50% males abovethe 40 years of age mark are surely to suffer from one form of the erectiledysfunction in the course of their life. And it is exactly out of this reasonthat a number of products and medicines, mostly in the form of pills, have beendeveloped in order to fight this unpleasant condition.


As far as the mostfrequent culprits are concerned, it must be emphasized that they can be eitherphysical or psychological in nature. In case a person is having issues withproper erection, it is essential to make an appointment with a doctor andundergo an in depth physical exam. The moment the main culprit is discovered, themost appropriate and effective treatment therapy will be decided upon andrecommended. Given the fact that people always prefer more the easier way out, the solution in the form of pills has become the most preferred “weapon” of choice.

“Erection savers”

Such pills as Viagra,Cialis, Levitra and alike function in the way that they obstruct completely thePDE enzymes and increase the blood flow to the penis. The common belief of thedoctors and experts in this field is that as much as 80% of all the cases canbe treated by the above mentioned group of pills. If by chance these prove tobe less or completely ineffective, a person has at disposal the PDEinhibitors as well, which are taken only once in the course of the day, sincetheir effects span over a longer period of time, i.e. several hours.

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