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Liver Cancer-Overview

The liver is one of the most important organs in a person’s body. It filters damaging substances from the blood, stores sugar that the body uses as an energy supply and digests fats from food. Liver cancer arises when liver cells develop mutations in their DNA. This causes the cells to grow out of control, eventually forming a tumor. Liver cancer may be frightening, while in some cases, it is a metastatic cancer (which means that it originated from another part of the body and spread to the liver)

It is yet unclear what causes most cases of liver cancer. In some cases, it may be a chronic infection caused by hepatitis, but in others, the real reason is never found. There are various types of liver cancer: hepatocellular carcinoma, hepatoblastoma, cholangiocarcinoma and angiosarcoma.

Risk Factors

There are some factors that can increase the chances of a person getting liver cancer, and those are: hepatitis, cirrhosis, scaring of the liver, low weight at birth, being male (it has been proven that men get liver cancer more often than women), age (older adults are more commonly affected by this disease), diabetes, obesity, and excessive alcohol consumption.


The symptoms connected to this type of cancer are nausea accompanied by vomiting, weight loss, upper abdominal pain, fatigue, abdominal pain, jaundice.

Natural Cure

When one is diagnosed with liver cancer, the doctor will prescribe chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. However, there are some alternatives that may be used as complements so as to help a person heal faster or more successfully. However, before trying any of the following cures, one should consult a physician, who will determine if that particular cure will be adequate.

Coenzyme Q10 has been commended for its antioxidant properties. And those particular antioxidant properties are believed to be further guarding the liver from damage. However, CoQ10 must always be ingested with oils, such as fish or flaxseed oil, so that the body may properly absorb it. Yet another unconventional treatment for some types of liver cancer is ellagic acid. It might in fact be effective, as it reduces the expansion and progress of tumors.

However, when one is faced with liver cancer, there will certainly be pain involved. Being that pain medication is highly addictive, one might try alternative medicine to help them cope with pain. These include acupuncture (which has been proven t be effective in reducing pain), massages, deep breathing, acupressure, listening to relaxing music.

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