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Are you expecting a baby and wondering whether you'll be able to keep your nail extensions once the little one arrives? Or are you a mom who is thinking about having her nails done? You'll want to know if small kids and nail extensions really do combine.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I didn't think twice about continuing my weekly trips to the nail salon. My natural nails are tiny, and I'd had nail extensions for years. I had no plans to ditch the nail extensions once my baby arrived, and thought that my short-ish, very modest fake nails would combine just fine with changing diapers and washing delicate baby skin. But my pregnant body had other plans: the nails fell out. Just like that, almost all at once.

I went back to the salon and had my nails replaced. They fell out again. Once my baby was a few months old, I decided to try and have my nails done again. This time, they stayed on but I discovered that even the shortest nail extensions can be very annoying while you are caring for a baby. I was worried about the nails scratching my baby constantly, so I had the nails taken off again.

I am sure that nail extensions and small kids do go together for some women, but there are some things to consider before going to the nail salon:

If you are planning on taking your baby to the nail salon, think twice: beauticians wear those masks for a reason. There are many chemicals and dust particles floating around in a nail salon, some of which can cause serious damage. Are you going to give nail extensions a go anyway? Keep them relatively short, and make sure that the edges of your nails are rounded. You don't want to scratch your kids. Mothers who are running after toddlers and slightly older kids can risk damaging their nail extensions and with them, the real nail underneath. If you've ever had a real nail peel off together with a nail extension that s slightly too long, you'll know this is a feeling you don't want to repeat. Having nail professional extensions is pretty time-intensive. Are you sure you want to devote that much time to your nails when you have a small baby?

Of course, not having nail extensions doesn't mean you have to have ugly nails. A manicure is much quicker than having extensions done, and natural nails that are well-cared for can certainly be more beautiful than acrylic nails. If you have weak nails (probably in part due to nail extensions, if you had them), you could try some of the polishes that are designed to strengthen your natural nails, and take a calcium supplement.

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