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Remember the news about Dr Michael Kamrava, the notorious fertility doctor who implanted Nadya Suleyman with the embryos that led to the birth of her octuplets, losing his medical license? You can read "Octomom" doctor gets license revoked! for a refresher. Octomom herself has now spoken out about her doctor not being able to practice anymore, saying "he didn't deserve that". "As far as I am concerned, they investigated more in-depth with him and other situations," the mom famous for her octuplets said. "They did come to me and I told them the situation, and then they took the explanation and I made sure that I blacked out the donor's name so no one will know."

She added that she had nothing to do with the Medical Board of California's decision to take Dr Kamrava's license away, and said she thought it was sad that her doctor lost his license. One interesting comment she made was this: "No, it's my choices that have changed my life. I have to move forward and I have to push past poisonous perspectives of other people. If I'm not, then who is going to be there for my children?" What does that mean? Yes, octomom has been in the news a lot, and many people have condemned her, a single mother by choice who has been in grave financial difficulties. But does this comment show some regret on her side too? I guess we will never know.

It must be pretty hard to raise eight children of the same age in addition to six other kids. And then another gem from Nadya... brace yourself: "I have raised them with such open communication that is the key to raising healthy children. You want to teach them what to do and teach them a healthy lifestyle. They are like Play-Do and you are molding them." Playdough? Nah, octomom, kids are not like playdough! They come out with their own personalities and we just get the pleasure (or struggle) of guiding them to adulthood. Kids are not blank sheets we just need to fill in, and believing that shows the opposite of "open communication". What do you think?

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