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Children and Anxiety

Even though the number of children suffering from anxiety, being about 18%, is not much, it is still a problem nonetheless. Because of this, parents need to know how to recognize anxiety symptoms in their children and help them rid this state of mind. If bothered by anxiety while young, children can grow up to suffer from worse things like panic attacks, various nervous disorders and other complications of this type. Thus, timely action is a necessity and parents should keep this in mind.

Tips for Helping Anxious Children

Life or enviromental changes, affects all of us, especially children. For example, if you are planning to move with your family, make sure you let your children know about it in time since they probably have strong connections with their peers, friends and the current environment. Another negative changes like a divorces in the family can greatly effect a child negatively.

Since you do not want to teach your child to be a robot without feelings, you need to make sure you teach them about feelings, and how they should open up to you and express their emotions, asking you for help as they encounter problems in life. Your children need to feel secure

If your child has problems, give him/her enough time to deal with them. This can take longer than you expect, but you should be patient. If you need more information on how to be a good, understanding father/mother, there are plenty of books on this subject and more particular about anxiety in children under 10 .

Bear in mind that a child expresses his/her feelings too, including those things he/she seems to be hiding. So, know how to recognize problems in your child, by observing his/her behavior. Additionally, teach your son/daughter to come to you when they experience problems and ask you for advice. Of course, aggressiveness, bouts of anger or violence, as well as tears and crying can all be signs of serous problems. Therefore, prepare to react adequately and provide your child the necessary comfort and help.

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