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Cerebral palsy will require treatment and therapy that will help your child function in this world. There are several basic options available, but we will talk about the most popular ones. There are no two same cases of cerebral palsy, so there are many different treatments for this condition. The cerebral palsy will impair the movement of the child and this is why the treatment usually has therapeutic exercise program included. Your child will receive help from the speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist or any other specialist that may be required so that the movement and posture are improved.

At the beginning of the treatment, there will probably be no less than two visits to the therapist every week. But the number of visits will reduce as your child grows older. Certain techniques and exercises can be done at home so you will probably need to work with your child at home as well. If the child receives treatment before reaching six months of age, this would be a very early treatment, but the most common period in which children receive treatment for cerebral palsy is somewhere between the late first year of life and during the second. The long-term benefits associated with the cerebral palsy treatment are not yet discovered, but if the treatment is done timely, movement, dressing abilities, along with feeding and toileting, will be improved. Also, the posture will be improved. They will be able to do things they would never be able to do without the therapy.

Occupational Therapy

This therapy will stimulate the development of body's small muscles, like those in toes, fingers, face and feet. Therapy will also teach them how to use wheelchair properly and improve their living skills, like eating and dressing. These therapists will help them dress, brush teeth, cut, write and feed better then they would otherwise. The life of a child with cerebral palsy can be made easier with the use of certain equipment and this therapy will teach them how to use it.

Speech-Language Therapist

Mouth and jaw control will be improved by working with this therapist and this will develop language and speech skills, along with eating ability. Those who are unable to speak will learn new ways of communication. Some children may not have communication skills and in this case, the therapist will work on the use of sign language, talking or use of a communication aid. Speech therapist may be needed for children who do speak but have to make the speech clearer, learn to speak sentences, new words and improve the listening skills. Computer may also be used by those who cannot learn a sign language.

Sensory Integration Therapy

Children with cerebral palsy have issues with receiving and processing sensory information and this therapy can help them do this better, thus resulting in better movement and balance. Various body parts will be pressed and the touch sensation stimulated by this therapy and there may be need for equipment, like toys, water or Styrofoam chips, which will help them learn movement sequences.

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