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Nadya Suleman, her octoplets, and her fertility doctor Michael Kamrava have been the subject of controversy ever since the kids were born. People all over the medical community and outside of it have been crying out for this doctor's license to be revoked. Well, it finally happened. Nadya Suleman, who had a total of 14 children through repeated IVF treatments where many embryos were implanted at once, was not the only case the Medical Board of California was concerned about when it decided that this doctor could no longer practice.

The now infamous Beverly Hills doctor Michael Kamrava did admit to implanting a total of 12 embryos into Suleman's uterus. This resulted in the birth of the much written about octuplets. Kamrava argued that the patient requested the transfer of that many embryos and that she agreed to "selective reduction" or the abortion of a certain number of embryos, before the treatment. She then disappeared and never called Kamrava again, he said at a hearing last year. For the full story, look at Octuplet mom's IVF doctor scrutinized.

The Medical Board of California was not satisfied with that explanation. They stated that the Suleman case demonstrated Kamrava was "oblivious to standards of care in IVF practice" and "certainly demonstrated that he did not exercise sound judgement". But there were other cases that showed just how incompetent a doctor this person really was. Kamrava previously implanted seven embryos in a woman who was 48 years old, which led to a quadruplet pregnancy and the eventual birth of triplets after one baby died. The triplets arrived six weeks prematurely through cesarean section. One has developmental problems. And in another cases, a 42 year old patient who was found to have a tumor received IVF anyway! She had stage-three ovarian cancer and needed a hysterectomy before having chemotherapy.

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