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Multiple sclerosis is a disease which features with the destruction of myelin, fine coating of the nerves. Overall consequences are devastating and the disease is progressive and for lifetime. Majority of research workers are convinced that multiple sclerosis is actually an autoimmune disease. This means that the immunity cells are attacking body's own myelin. These attacks are mainly triggered by stress or previous viral infection.

People suffering from multiple sclerosis face the first symptoms between the age of 20 and 40. At the beginning problems with sight (blurred vision, red and green color deformation and rarely unilateral blindness). What follows is weakness of muscles and difficulties with body stability and coordination. The intensity of symptoms may interfere in simple actions such as walking or even standing. The most severe cases feature with incomplete or total paralysis. Additionally sensory problems, tremor and difficulties with speech may be present as well.

Unfortunately there is no definitive cure for multiple sclerosis. On the other hand the therapy does exist and its goal is to stop the process of demyelinisation and to alleviate the current symptoms. Generally most of the medications that are used to fight this horrible disease have serious side effects. Still three forms of beta interferon have been approved by Food and Drug Administration. Interferon is used in both relapsing and remitting multiple sclerosis. Another medication which is in use is synthetic myelin basic protein known as copolymer I. One more option is immunosupresants such as Novantrone. Another medication used in multiple sclerosis is dalfampridine which helps with walking difficulties.

There were certain clinical trials for new medications. Still some of them have proven to possess serious side effects. Additionally patients can be given corticosteroids which may be helpful with duration or severity of the attacks. Muscle relaxants are a group of medications which are given in case of muscular spasticity. In this purpose tranquilizersmay be administered as well. Exercises and physical therapy are good for preservation of functions that have not been destroyed completely. The mobility can be eased by foot braces, canes or walkers. In case of depression the doctor will prescribe antidepressants.

There are more and more researches that scientists conduct to help people with multiple sclerosis. The newest research includes interferons, which are proteins that have anti-viral properties. These proteins are believed to be able to stop the progression of multiple sclerosis.

Hopefully one day people will find cure that can cure this illness for good.

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