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A Common Mishap of Athletes

All who do sports regularly are boundto have experienced having a pulled muscle. This usually happens dueto the overstraining or engaging into an exercising sequence withoutwarming up properly. In our body, muscles, consisting of tiny musclecells, fibers and tissue, are connected to our bones providing themmovement. If we move excessively, we force our muscles too much. Thisresults in small tears on the muscle surface and this phenomenon iscalled a pulled muscle. Additionally, making sudden, aggressivemovements or stretching beyond your possibilities may all result inthis condition as well.

Manifestation of a Pulled Muscle

First of all, the negative effects ofexperiencing a pulled muscle all vary depending on the severity ofthis injury.

The lightest cases considerinflammation and minor swelling, possibly resulting in mild pain uponmuscle activation or touching. More serious muscle pulls manifestthrough a person's limited movement of the injured muscle or acomplete immobility of the muscle in question. The worst casescenarios involve hurt joints as well. Then, the victim experiencesextreme amounts of pain upon muscle activation as well as weakness inthe injured areas. Eventually, during the recovery period, the musclewill become hard and contracted.

Since you may pull any of the musclesyou have in your body, each of those have specific symptoms wheninjured. Thereby, a pulled back muscle may result in serious pain andmuscle spasms, possibly affecting the surrounding muscles as well.Additionally, the area may feel warm or hot and the pain may bedelivering a burning sensation as well.

In cases of chest muscle pulls,swelling and pain are likely to occur during the first 8 hours afterthe injury. Movement of the torso is thereby limited as it causespain to get worse.

Finally, as far as legs are concerned,bruising, swelling and involuntary muscle spasms may affect thepulled area. Pain is present as well, and movement is significantlyaffected and limited. These pulls are best to be treated as soon aspossible since ignoring them will only make things much worse.

Possible Treatment

Applying hot or cold compress forabout 20 minutes is considered to be an excellent remedy for theseinjuries, as it reduces swelling and relaxes the troubled muscles.Alternatively, you may take over-the-counter painkillers and/oranti-inflammatory medications. Resting is crucial and you are advisedto reduce the usage of pulled muscles to a minimum in order to ensuretheir complete recovery.

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